How to Spend Less Time on Your Phone
Claire Miles - September 7, 2022

We all know how in recent times phone addiction has been a real term with people being crazily obsessed with it and thus with its accessibility and usage people from all around the world are addicted to it. Recently, multiple health care organizations have taken note of it and decided to plan rehabilitation centers that aim at ensuring that certain people reduce their obsession level. This article will focus on the people and their traits.

Getty Images/Moment/Paula Danielse

Using your phone for more than 10 hours a day is considered an addiction but when covid hit the world, it collapsed. This meant that the world had to work through their laptops and mobiles and so the usage greatly increased. The addiction word had to be replaced with a need-based word because everything had to be completed through it. Moreover, the usage of phones became the only social means. Covid meant no socializing so people began Netflix parties and long video calls to ensure that they stay connected with their loved ones. Moreover, the laptop or the phone was the only way out connect the outside world with the inside world. It got too much importance during those times.

To minimize your usage you could always prefer in-person socializing by meeting people in real life. Another important factor is to reduce your phone usage while meeting people. This will help you to form meaningful connections and will make you realize the importance of such connections. Moreover, you could also use apps that restrict your time usage. Manage your schedule and keep time for your phone and other electronics. It is your job to restrict your daily schedule to a few hours of usage. You can also try to do other creative things instead of using your phones such as baking or cooking.

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