IKEA Is Working On Foods Made From Algae, Mealworms & Microgreens
Andrew Parker - January 12, 2018

In a push for sustainability, IKEA, approximately two years ago came out with their Space10 lab, known as their secret innovation program located in Copenhagen. They discussed their plans for the meatball of tomorrow, meaning ideas to harvest algae, grow meat in the lab and even 3D print out food.

Space10 has recently revealed their new developments, and it seems as though IKEA will be serving bug meatballs and burgers much sooner than expected. They have come up with some seriously game changing dishes. They have not only created healthy and sustainable food, but also food that tastes really, really good.

One of the items is the Dogless Hot Dog, which are not too weird, made from a vegetable mixture and a unique version of mustard and ketchup. The bun, however is made from spirulina, a micro-algae and is bright green.  According to Space10, the bun itself has 50 more times more iron than spinach.

What’s even more exciting is their Bug Burger, or shall we say Buger, made from beetroots, potato, parsnips, and somehow, mealworms.  The Neatball is another version of this beef mixture, also made with mealworms, and is served in the Swedish traditional way, with mashed potatoes and gravy.

Space10 has also created the LOKAL Salad, which is made from three different microgreens. This is simply a fancy way to way that they grew these greens in a basement without any soil. They even offer Microgreen Ice Cream, which comes in basil, mint, coriander or fennel flavor. Whatever floats your boat.

Based on the pictures of the previews, they look pretty darn appetizing. If the idea of eating bugs creeps you out, the truth be told is that the U.S is pretty late on modern bug consumption. People have eaten bugs throughout history, says National Geographic, and many cultures still eat them today as part of a healthy diet.

It’s much more sustainable, and bugs are rather high in protein. Don’t knock it out before you try it. It’s just like chicken.

It might take awhile before these innovative menu items are actually served in IKEA stores, but for now Space10 continues to work on the food of the future, saving the world one veggie dog at a time.

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