Indoor Games vs Outdoors Games
Claire Miles - September 16, 2022

We all know with the advent of many technological appliances such as iPad and phones, there has been a major decline in the gaming sector. This has been particularly saddening because in recent times children do not realize the importance of such games and the emotions attached to family game times. This article will act as an effort to move you out of the activity slump.

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It is extremely necessary to have family time with you once or now to ensure that everyone from the family gets in together and experiences the joy of having each other. This is not only important for young minds to experience but is also necessary to ensure that they learn the value of such interaction. Indoor games include scrabble, carrom, cards, and UNO. You would have experienced the joy of playing with your family once in your lifetime. Scrabble is a really fun game as it allows you to not only have fun but also aids in good learning. You learn new words, new meanings, and even new definitions. ONO and monopoly are other games that are frequently played and are known to be experienced by people who are more business inclined.

However, indoor games can never compete with outdoor games. Outdoor games are known to indulge you in an experience of their own. You explore the world on your own terms: the grass, the air, and even the environment. Playing outside gives the serotonin that you never expected to ever get. It is therefore highly recommended that you play with your children outside to make them learn and grow in an environment that greatly adds to their growth. Outdoor games include cricket, swimming, basketball, tennis, and hockey. It is up to you which games you prefer, but give a chance to each one of these.

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