Inflatable Backpacks Are Making A Comeback
Claire Miles - March 31, 2018

Scatter Seeds Of Kindness

If you have a friend worth loving
Love him. Yes, and let him know
That you love him, ere life's evening
Tinge his brow with sunset glow
Why should good words ne'er be said
Of a friend till he is dead?

If you hear a song that thrills you
Sung by any child of song
Praise it. Do not let the singer
Wait deserved praises long
Why should one who thrills your heart
Lack the joy you may impart?

If you hear a prayer that moves you
By its humble, pleading tone
Join it. Do not let the seeker
Bow before his God alone
Why should not thy brother share
The strength of ‘two or three' in prayer?

If your work is made more easy
By a friendly, helping hand
Say so. Speak out brave and truly
Ere the darkness veil the land
Should a brother workman dear
Falter for a word of cheer?

Scatter thus your seeds of kindness
All enriching as you go
Leave them. Trust the Harvest-Giver
He will make each seed to grow
So, until the happy end
Your life shall never lack a friend

Remember those inflatable backpacks that were the most trendy item for ’90s kids? Well you’ll be overjoyed to hear that they are making a comeback to a store near you!  Back in the day, the blow-craze was massively popular. Inflatable chairs were a must-have in every kid’s bedroom, and if you had the inflatable backpack, well then you were definitely the coolest kid on the block, and everyone wanted to be your best friend.


Luckily, many fashion trends from this decade have come and gone in a full circle, and now is the turn of Flubber rucksacks. The trendy backpack, available in either pink or blue is now being sold in TopShop locations and appears to be the ideal way to handle all of your ragging nostalgia.


The inflatable backpack can also be purchased online and is something you won’t want to miss this summer. Just make sure to blow it up and you’re ready to rock it like it’s the ’90s all over again.