Inside Lenny Kravitz’s Brazilian Farm Compound
Alexandra Wade - July 17, 2019

The name Lenny Kravtiz might be one of those household names thrown around by your parents. So you vaguely know the legend, but not really. No worries. Allow us to introduce you to the retro legend. Leonard Albert Kravitz is a man of many talents. He is a singer and songwriter, actor, record producer and multi-instrumentalist. Yeah, impressive to say the least. Kravitz is best known for his retro style with elements of rock, blues, soul, R&B, funk, jazz, reggae, hard rock, psychedelic, pop, folk, and ballads. That was a mouthful! He was born in 1964 in New York, New York (where else are legends born?). Basically, the guy is seriously a legend.

Recently, the star opened up his home and it is breathtaking. Kravitz has an incredible Brazilian farm compound. Which is already insane, right? Oh, but it gets even more nuts. The home is built on an 18th-century coffee plantation (!!!) and is also a working farm that feeds every guest that comes through. If you’re anything like us, you’re wondering how to get an invite.

The property also features a Brazilian barbeque, a full-sized football field, and 19th-century Portuguese colonial-style farmhouses and outbuildings. It’s literally a fully functioning world in which Kravtiz and friends never have to leave. Seriously, he should invite us. We are amazing guests, we promise!

“I was traveling all over the country (Brazil), becoming increasingly attracted to the people, the culture, the music, and the land as well. There’s something incredibly powerful and majestic about this place,” Kravitz told the team from Architectural Digest.

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Background story: Over a decade ago, Kravitz was at the end of his tour when he got a call from a friend inviting him to check out some property.

“Everyone was ready to go home, but something told me, ‘Have an adventure.’ So we got there at night, and the next morning I awoke in the most spectacularly lush, beautiful landscape you can imagine. We were nestled in a valley, surrounded by mountains, with waterfalls, cows, horses, monkeys, fruit groves, and vegetable fields—the whole panoply of nature.”

“I ended up staying for six months. It was extraordinary. I just dropped out of life, learned to ride horses from the cowboys, learned about farming, and reconnected with nature,” he says. “I’d never felt more calm, peaceful, and closer to God. It was a magical time. I thought, I’m done with the hustle and the bustle. I’m going to be a farmer.”

And two years alter Kravtiz went back and purchased the entire 1,000-acre estate.

Two years later, he went back, this time determined to make the dream property his own. So he purchased the entire 1,000-acre estate.

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