These are not just our talented and skilled athletes, or our coveted gold medal winners and competitors. These are the women who have been leading the way for athletes and for girls everywhere. They have broken down the barriers of professional sports and created a culture where women can compete with the same furocity and intensity as any male athlete. These are the women who prove strong is the new skinny, that the number on a scale does not define one’s own value or worth, and that above all, talent and perseverance will win – every single time.


Serena Williams, Tennis

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Serena and her sister, Venus, are two of the most well known athletes in the world. The former has been ranked #1 in tennis several years in a row, only to be closely followed by her sister!

Darya Klishina, Long Jump

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Darya was always a skilled athlete and bounced between numerous sports as a child. Today, she’s one of the most renowned track and field athletes in the world.

Mariana Pajón, BMX

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She may be young, but she’s already won two Olympic gold medals as a competitive cyclist. Mariana is from Columbia, and she’s the first athlete to take home two golds in the country’s history!

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