Is Charging Your Phone With a Power Bank Safe?
Claire Miles - September 11, 2022

With the advent of smartphones and smartwatches, people worldwide have started using their phones to a greater extent. Whenever we visit different places, a smartphone is our need. It is surprising to note that once a want has now converted to a need. You probably can not travel without your smartphone- you will be needing it for maps, taking pictures, and even contacting your friends and family.

Getty Images/EyeEm/Suwan Waenlor/EyeEm

Many companies have now begun producing and marketing lithium-ion batteries which are known to charge for much longer. However, it is important to note that these batteries also wear out. So charging becomes a quite frequent chore. In such a scenario, charging your phone frequently is the aptest thing to do but many people can not sit still and charge for hours and hours. Thus, the power of charging or power banks comes in. People who frequently need to charge their phones while using them simultaneously require a power bank. The power bank is known to charge your phone while you store chemical energy which you can use later on to charge it.

Research has shown that charging your phone through a power bank may damage the internal battery of the phone by overheating your phone. One of the major things to note while getting a power bank is to note its input. If your power bank input is low, it will not transfer the correct amount of power into your phone while obviously leading to the deterioration of the battery life. Most lithium batteries have 500 cycles of full charge, however, if you keep on charging your battery is obviously going to fade. To improve your battery health, it is important that you keep on recycling your battery.

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