Is Instant Coffee Bad For You?
Laura Lee - April 27, 2022

We have all debated how coffee has been an essential drink in most of our lives. Coffee is a magical drink that wakes us up and gives us all the serotonin rush that we all need to kick start our day. Not only that, but coffee is extremely tasteful and the aroma of the coffee is better than anything in the world.

Getty Images/Moment/ Catherine Falls Commercial

Instant Coffee is one of the quickest ways to make coffee. Just add the instant coffee mix into hot boiling water and stir, and you have a quick coffee on the go. However, coffee loyalists disagree with the fact and regard instant coffee as bland and not real. They think of instant coffee as something that’s a very cheap dupe of an extravagant experience. Dr. Robb Van Dam, Assistant Professor in the Department of Nutrition at the Harvard School of Public health explains the major difference in the quantities of cafestol. Instant coffees have less cafestol as compared to a coffee made in a French press or Turkish coffee.

However, the lack of cafestol is beneficial in regards to health as cafestol promotes heart and cholesterol diseases. Alarming research done on instant coffee shows that it is more likely to cause cancer as it contains acrylamide, which is known to have caused cancer in many animals. Acrylamide is formed when certain foods are heated over a range of higher temperatures. The major difference in taste in both coffees is due to the caffeine content. Instant coffee has less caffeine which doesn’t give the perfect, rich flavor. A cup of rich coffee contains almost 95 mg of caffeine while an instant coffee sachet only contains around 27 ml of caffeine. This major difference in caffeine leads to the difference in their tastes.

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