Is Juice The Secret To A Better Workout?
Laura Lee - October 7, 2021

Working out does a body good. You get your heart pumping, break a sweat, and burn calories. Even if you feel lazy sometimes and need to give yourself a bit of a push, you never regret your workout. There are many supplements on the market that promise increased energy and endurance but without much information on them, you might be a bit wary to add them into your diet. But there may be something more natural and safe that doesn’t have any downsides to taking. Juice! That’s right. Juice might be the secret sauce to better improve your workout. Let’s find out how!


We aren’t just talking about regular juice, we’re talking about beet juice. Beets happen to be an exceptional option if you are looking to build your endurance for a workout. They have so many benefits for your skin, heart health, and research shows they increase stamina and endurance. According to Jordan Mazur, MS RD, Sports Dietician, and Director of Nutrition for the 49ers, “Beets are natural sources of dietary nitrates in which our bodies convert into nitric oxide. It brings oxygen into the working muscles. Dietary nitrates help with blood flow to increase oxygen to your blood vessels especially for long-distance. The benefit of that is being a natural source. A lot of strength training is where beet juice will be beneficial.”

So we know beet juice can be super beneficial, but it’s also important when you drink it. You want to drink it a good two hours before a workout because if you happen to take it right before your workout, the fructose in the juice can cause gastrointestinal upset. With anything in life, to see a difference, you need to be consistent. It is a great natural alternative to other products that contain caffeine and other added sweeteners. Plus, beets come with extra nutrients. Mazur explains that you can get carbohydrates from the juice before a workout. You can buy beet juice at the grocery store or even try your hand at juicing, which in our opinion, is way more fun. So what can you lose? Juice some beets and have a good workout!

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