Is Snail Slime your Skin’s Next Best Friend?
Laura Lee - August 6, 2021

Have You Earned Your Tomorrow

By Edgar Guest

Is anybody happier because you passed his way? Does anyone remember that you spoke to him today? This day is almost over, and its toiling time is through; Is there anyone to utter now a kindly word of you?

Did you give a cheerful greeting to the friend who came along? Or a churlish sort of "Howdy" and then vanish in the throng? Were you selfish pure and simple as you rushed along the way, Or is someone mighty grateful for a deed you did today?

Can you say tonight, in parting with the day that's slipping fast, That you helped a single brother of the many that you passed? Is a single heart rejoicing over what you did or said; Does a man whose hopes were fading now with courage look ahead?

Did you waste the day, or lose it, was it well or sorely spent? Did you leave a trail of kindness or a scar of discontent? As you close your eyes in slumber do you think that God would say, You have earned one more tomorrow by the work you did today?

The skincare industry is always coming out with the next best skincare products promising to give you the best skin of your life. From oils to egg whites, there have been some pretty interesting things on the market. But the latest skincare trend taking the Internet by storm is non-other than snail slime. Yup, you heard that right. Usually, when you think of snails, you think of gross, slimy creatures. But there’s much more to these critters than what meets the eye. This is probably by far one of the weirdest trending skincare products at the moment, but we are so intrigued, we just had to find out what all the hype was about!


Snails crawling on a woman's face as part of a new beauty treatment at "Ci:z.Labo" Salon in Tokyo

Getty Images/AFP/Yoshikazu Tsuno


Snail slime dates back to the 1980s when Chilean farmers noticed how soft their hands were after holding snails. Today the slime has become very popular among Korean beauty products. With the clout this ingredient was making, it of course made its way to the American market. It’s in everything you can think of from sheet masks, creams, and serums. Snail slime is made up of so many properties beneficial for your skin, such as glycoproteins, hyaluronic acid, and glycolic acid, according to board-certified dermatologist, Dr. King. It supports the skin’s barrier by locking in moisture, stimulates collagen production to fight wrinkles, and leaves your skin looking glowy.


There’s no doubt these small creatures come with a big punch. Their slime is a powerhouse of nutrients, and the best part is that it’s all-natural, unlike other beauty products that can be irritating for the skin. Dr. King explains that along with all the other benefits of this slime, it also helps to fight irritation, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties of zinc. So if you are looking to improve your skin and want that glow your skin has been lacking, and you’re not grossed out by the idea, why not give this weird trend a try?