It’s Official: Space Jam 2 Starring LeBron James
Andrew Parker - September 20, 2018

Arguably one of the greatest cinematic masterpieces of the 1990s, there are few classics as deserving of an updated sequel as much as the original Space Jam. The film originally debuted in 1996 and starred Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny (is there a more iconic due in history?), who were both coincidentally at the peak of their careers. The film has certainly aged well and remains as relevant as ever as it has become a cult classic with 90s kids who have grown up to be nostalgic millennials.


It was recently announced that a new generation will be introduced to the new Toon Squad, this time starring their own generational equivalent lead player – LeBron James. The unnamed sequel will be produced by Black Panther director Ryan Coogler, adding another layer of excitement to the project in production.



Rumors have been circulating about a potential sequel for years, and we all know James has some big shoes to fill in his debut live-action performance. However, at this point, details on the upcoming film remain scarce. It has been reported that film will debut sometime around mid-2019, which means we could be less than a year away from s’more space!


Some fans remain skeptical, citing that the original film is in a league of its own and a sequel will not live up to the excellence of the 1996 classic. Most are optimistic about the upcoming film, and the official announcement has fueled even more rumors than before. Check back for updates on the status of this exciting future cult-classic sequel.

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