Jelly Nails Are The Latest ’90s Trend
Laura Lee - August 5, 2018

15 Things To Add To Your Bucket List

1. Travel the world.

2. Eat your favorite meal with your favorite people in your favorite place.

3. Learn a new language.

4. Donate to charity.

5. Help a stranger.

6. Pursue your passion.

7. Watch the sunrise.

8. Dance in the rain.

9. Wish upon a shooting star.

10. Plant a tree.

11. Go on a road trip.

12. Volunteer at a local organization.

13. Tell someone how much they mean to you.

14. Cook a homemade meal.

15. Conquer your biggest fear.

Any ‘90s kid will surely remember those see-through blow up couches and jelly sandals that stole all of our hearts and parents wallets back in the day. Well, now the nostalgia can be made a reality on your nails.


Jelly nails are a neon and clear design that have been dominating on social media lately. The designs are clear on the tips and show the entire nail underneath.  The trend comes in all different colors and sizes, making it suitable for anyone and everyone to get in on it, and anything you choose will surely get you tons and tons of Instagram loving.


If your local salon hasn’t yet picked up on the trend yet, you can just do it yourself by ordering clear fake nails online and then paint the tips of them in any color you want. There are no shortage of ways to nail the trend (yes, pun intended).


The trend first came about when Kylie Jenner and her friends posted a selfie of their epic nails on Instagram.


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