Jennifer Garner’s Nostalgic Birthday Post To Bradley Cooper
Marc Gordon - January 6, 2019

The beautiful and talented Jennifer Garner recently wished her fellow Hollywood star, Bradley Cooper both a happy birthday and good luck at the Golden Globes on January 5th in an epic and nostalgic Instagram post.  At the same time, she also managed to somewhat tease Cooper about the fact that she pretty much taught him everything he knows today…

Basically, it’s confirmation that the friendship between the two stars is still alive, despite Alias ending in 2006, already 13 years ago, where they played the roles of two best friends.  Her Instagram post is sweet and encouraging, telling to ”Go get em” referring to the upcoming Golden Globes.

If Cooper does win, it’s safe to assume that Garner will not only be incredibly proud, but will also take some credit for it too!

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