Jessica Biel Doesn’t Know Any *NSYNC songs
Claire Miles - November 4, 2019

Any ‘90s girl surely grew up listening to the iconic songs of the dreamy boy band *NSYNC. They also surely had high hopes that they would one day run off to a tropical island with Justin Timerblake and get married. Right? 


Well, clearly the latter didn’t happen for any of us other than the seriously lucky, beautiful, and equally talented Jessica Biel. But what has she recently revealed that left us all completely shocked…..


She’s doesn’t know ANY of *NSYNC songs, despite the fact that she’s literally married to Justin Timerblake, a.k.a the king of the band. Biel has also admitted that she’s never been a fan of their music too. Major yikes… 


Biel shared all this shocking information on The Tonight Show while being interviewed by Jimmy Fallon. But hey – this doesn’t mean that she doesn’t still love and support her husband’s work, and she’s proven so in many other ways.


Everyone has their own way of doing things. So no judgement girl. 


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