John Legend Dressed Up in a Bunny Costume for Easter
Claire Miles - March 27, 2021

15 Wholesome Facts

1. Sea otters hold hands when they sleep so they don't drift apart.

2. The voices of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse got married in real life.

3. Mr. Rogers' sweaters were all knitted by his mom.

4. Libraries outnumber McDonald's in the United States by a ratio of 8:1.

5. There are more trees on Earth than there are stars in the Milky Way galaxy.

6. Babies don't smile because they're happy, they smile because they like the happy reaction from their parents.

7. Oftentimes an octopus heart will skip a beat when they see their potential mate.

8. The Beatles used the word "love" 613 times in their songs.

9. Squirrels plant thousands of new trees each year by forgetting where they put their acorns.

10. A group of bunnies is called a "fluffle".

11. Smiling actually lowers stress, whether you're faking it or not.

12. Cuddling with someone you love is scientifically proven to increase happiness.

13. We are all made of stardust.

14. Happiness levels are about 50% genetic, 10% circumstance, and about 40% choice.

15. For the ancient Greeks, happiness was a civic virtue that required a lifetime of cultivation.

Yeah, they celebrated early- but they’re Chrissy Teigen and John Legend. They can do whatever they want and we’re gonna be here for it. The couple decided to throw their kids a little backyard party for the holiday in late March, and they went all out. Their bash included a giant trampoline, what looks like a petting zoo, and Legend dressed in a full bunny costume. Their daughter, Luna, was delighted, of course.

In one of her posts, Teigen added the “oh no” sound, used on TikTok to accompany footage of a situation going suddenly awry. Though from what we can see, the kids weren’t too harsh on the bunny. It’s just that when you get in the ring, sometimes you fall down! The parents got in on the fun too. Teigen shared a sweet moment with makeup artist Nova Kaplan, rocking matching face gems, and took a cozy seat on “her bunny.”

On his own Instagram, John Legend speculated that he got a lap moment from Chrissy Teigen because she “suspected” it was him in the costume, though he admits it might have been the wine. Given that Teigen is recently sober, we’d assume it was the love, not the booze! The bunny love! Legend also posted a video of himself in costume dancing with Luna before she points a finger at him and calls him “Daddy.” Clever girl! In this clip you can see more of the decorations, which include balloon carrots and giant pastel eggs.

It sounds like they’re dancing to Estelle’s “American Boy,” another TikTok-famous track thanks to the Fortnite-themed parody. We know that Chrissy Teigen is on the popular video-based app, and given that she recently left Twitter, we might reasonably conclude that TikTok has now taken its place in her social media diet. Or at least, its earworms have made their way onto her playlists.

Stay tuned to see if she posts any viral music on actual Easter!