Julia Child’s Simple Hack That Will Step Up Your Cooking Game
Claire Miles - February 16, 2019

Julia Child is the late culinary icon and author of one of the greatest cookbooks ever written, Mastering the Art of French Cooking. For those of us who are cooking-challenged, even making something as “simple” as the perfect poached egg can be tricky. We looked to Child for her easy-to-follow tips for preparing the perfect poached egg.


Child first emphasizes the importance of using fresh eggs for poaching. If they are not that fresh, no worries. Child has a hack for that: pre-boil the eggs in their shell. “If the eggs are not quite as fresh as you could wish, simmer them in their shells for 8 to 10 seconds before poaching.” By doing this, the whites firm up just enough to hold together. “This will often firm up the white just enough so it will hold its shape around the yolk when the egg is broken into the water.”


Another important tip from Child when poaching eggs is to cook them in simmer water with some vinegar. The whites will stay together this way. See, simple enough! Now you can go impress your flatmates with your Julia Child approved perfect egg tips!

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