Justin Bieber Gifted Victoria Beckham a Pair of Crocs
Laura Lee - May 16, 2021

The stiletto-loving designer certainly didn’t earn her moniker Posh Spice for nothing: She loves dressing up at all times, sky-high footwear included. That being said, Beckham received an unlikely shoe gift this week from Justin Bieber that is certainly a departure from her signature style. Bieber sent her a pair of lavender Drew House Crocs. Yes, Crocs! On her Instagram Stories, Beckham shared her new statement shoes, which have little cartoon figures that can be attached to the holes. Truthfully, Beckham seemed apprehensive about wearing them. “This is so kind. I’ve never worn a pair of Crocs,” she says, adding that they did make her laugh. “It’s the thought that counts.” The designer then added a poll asking her followers if she should wear them.

Getty Images/Entertainment/JP Yim

It was a pretty bold move to send Victoria Beckham lilac Crocs embeliished with cartoon animals for her to wear. Bieber hasn’t responded to Beckham on his Instagram (he instead posted about God’s love and his performance with Usher at 2011 Grammys among other things). But Beckham’s response to Bieber’s gift isn’t too surprising given her stance on fashion.

When designing her self-named line, “I was really focusing on the brand, looking at its DNA and at my community, being true to who I am and what my strengths are. I see those as beautiful clothes, great silhouettes, strange colors that you wouldn’t typically put together, which are almost so wrong they’re right,” she said. “It’s about presenting clothes that are elevated enough for the catwalk but that people are actually going to wear; it’s never about showing fashion for the sake of showing fashion. I don’t want to wear things that are complicated. I’m always developing what I want in my wardrobe and I think it’s important that evolves, so you don’t get stuck in a rut, shall we say.”

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