Justin Bieber Launches Crocs Collection
Andrew Parker - October 18, 2020

It’s been a crazy year and what better way to make it even more unexpected than Justin Bieber launching a new collection of Crocs? Crocs teamed up with Bieber to release the yellow rubber clog with eight custom Jibbitz charms that can be added to the footwear. The singer teased the team-up with a bunch of Instagram posts last week, posting videos of himself cutting a cake shaped like the Croc shoe itself. “As an artist, it’s important that my creations stay true to myself and my style. I wear Crocs all the time, so designing my own pair came naturally,” Bieber said in a statement. “With these Crocs, I just focused on making something cool that I want to wear,” he added.

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Crocs has teamed up with a few other artists and brands before, including Post Malone and fast-food chain KFC. Just weeks ago, the shoe’s glow-in-the-dark collaboration with trap artist Bad Bunny quickly sold out and by quickly we mean in just 30 minutes! The Crocs X Justin Bieber with drew collaboration is officially sold out! Drew House (drew) is the name of Bieber’s unisex clothing line, which launched last year. The clothing line’s latest product, classic yellow clogs with eight accompanying jibbitz (the charms that go into the clog), retailed for $59.99. According to Business Insider, resellers have already begun to sell the shoe for almost double its original cost. On sneaker resale website StockX, the clog is currently being listed from $75-$95, which is a 20% mark-up. That is still cheaper than the offerings on another popular resale website, Grailed, where the lowest clog available is $100.

While many people would love to leaves Crocs behind as a fashion relic of the past, they seem to be making a comeback in 2020. What do you guys think about the comfort shoe comeback?

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