Justin Bieber Throws It Back For His Wedding
Marc Gordon - November 9, 2019

Although the Biebers – Hailey and Justin have just recently celebrated their first year of marriage, they’ve been together for more years than you know. Justin recently threw it back with an adorable photo of the two when they were just teenagers. 

He posted the picture to his Instagram account, proving that their love story is truly a fairy tale and captioning the picture ‘’My wife and I, where it all began’’. 

Hailey and Justin met back in 2009 – an entire decade ago when Alec Baldwin (Hailey’s uncle) got her tickets to see one of Justin’s performances on the Today Show. The chemistry between the two of them was obvious right away, but Hailey revealed to Vogue that she wasn’t such a hardcore Belieber back then, and it wasn’t love at first sight exactly. 

Nonetheless, the couple formed an incredible romance over the years, based on friendship and spending tons of time together at Church.  While they haven’t been together for 10 years straight, since apparently every Hollywood couple has to have a rollercoaster of a relationship…today they are in the midst of planning their second wedding together (not they didn’t get divorced, they just really, really love each other!). 

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