Katy Perry’s 2020 Met Gala Look
Andrew Parker - June 16, 2020

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s the fact that Katy Perry always nails her costume to no fail. She’s honestly pretty much the queen of costumes. The talented and eccentric singer always leaves her mark, whether it be at an event or in a music video. And when it comes to Met Galas, she really makes sure to never disappoint. Although this past Met Gala, unfortunately, had to be postponed until further notice, Perry still showed us what we missed through an Instagram post, and to say that it was cool would be a serious understatement.

While we all know that Perry never wears anything even remotely close to average, 2020’s Met Gala look based off of her exciting baby-bump was one to note. Based on her social media post, she had plans to shock her fans with a Jean-Paul Gautier and ‘90s Madonna vibe.  While what she revealed in her post, showing her copper cone top connected a corset piece was surely enough to get our blood pumping, we do wish she showed us more of what she had in store for the big event.  After seeing her giant chandelier outfit from 2019’s Met Gala, we can really only assume that 2020 would have been beyond iconic. 

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In fact, Katy Perry is the only star to have teased fans with what they missed this year. Both Emma and Julia Roberts took it to social media too to display their impressive poofy dresses that intended to show off at the 2020 Met Gala, and Seyfried shared her modern-day farm girl look. So while fashion fanatics won’t be getting the chance to analyze all the best and worst outfits of this year, at the least they can discuss what would have been thanks to these celebs that have so kindly shared some sneak peeks!

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