Kellogg’s Dropped New Mermaid, Unicorn and Birthday Cake Waffles
Andrew Parker - August 19, 2020

We need to celebrate the little things in life, now more than ever! And luckily there is a lot of little good things to celebrate: Kellogg’s dropped mermaid, unicorn, and birthday cake waffles! This might not come as a huge surprise given just how trendy and popular colorful unicorn- and mermaid-inspired things are pretty much everywhere. The brand quietly released the sugar-rush-waiting-to-happen breakfast. The Unicorn Waffles are bright pink and taste like cotton candy, while the Mermaid Waffles are teal and blue-raspberry-flavored. But the sweetness overload doesn’t stop there — Kellogg’s also recently dropped brand-new Birthday Cake Waffles, which are made with yellow cake and rainbow sprinkles. Yeah, we’ll take one of each! Kellogg’s hasn’t yet shared any official information about these three releases, but they’ve all been spotted at a few grocery stores recently, including Albertsons, Safeway, and Vons. Plus, each item currently has a product page on the Walmart website, so that may be a sign they’ll be popping up on more store shelves soon. Until then, prepare yourselves and your pantry!

Via Unsplash

In other exciting sugar-y related news, Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate is getting a magical upgrade. They released a new edition that comes with unicorn marshmallows. Each box of Swiss Miss Unicorn Marshmallows hot chocolate comes with six packets of the powdered drink and six packets of corresponding mini rainbow marshmallows in green, blue, orange, purple, and pink colors. Swiss Miss Unicorn Marshmallow mix is now available in grocery stores nationwide. To see where you can find a box, head over to the official Swiss Miss website to use the brand’s product locator. Not only that, but Swiss Miss has also released a hot chocolate mix with Lucky Charms marshmallows! Honestly, we are all about these colorful, fun drinks popping up everywhere! We’re so ready to cozy up with a nice cup of hot chocolate and unicorn waffles!

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