Kids Back Then In School Vs. Kids Today In School
Laura Lee - April 9, 2020

Kids today are totally different than they were back in the day, especially with all the newfound technology that’s been introduced into our daily lives….not to mention fashion as we know it (although there’s also been no shortage of throwbacks to ‘90s style). Today, kids are glued to social media platforms of all sorts, while back in the day, people actually had to commute to connect with their friends, usually through a lift from their loving parents!

And without the ease of Google? Students actually had to make a much larger effort to complete homework assignments…the struggle was so real! ‘90s kids didn’t have the same kind of easy access to information that we do today, and all those complex websites with catalogs took decades to load, especially since emails were really not as common as they are today.  If you wanted to apply to another school or to college – it meant actually printing out your application form and mailing it out!

Mobile phones back in the day were an absolute novelty, those who had one were seriously bulky and surely never fit in the average pocket, and of course, had no special or innovative features.  Kids actually had to check the news from bulletin boards, even for matters such as canceled classes! 

Free time was also not the same back in the day, with ‘90s kids who really only had the option of listening to a walkman, and if they wanted to watch a movie – they actually had to go to the theater! Kids didn’t have all the fancy gadgets that we have today to pass the time.  And of course – how could we forget, the availability of the internet. Most kids back in the day didn’t actually have the internet…and if they did, it was connected through the phone, and it sure as heck wasn’t half as fast as it is today!

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