Kim Kardashians Prom Photo
Laura Lee - May 10, 2020

Pretty much everything has changed since the 1990s, and not just in terms of entertainment and fashion.  Every decade seems to surprise us and bring us new and exciting trends that define that time period. The one thing however that will forever stay the same, regardless of how much time has passed and which decade we’ve entered, is Kim Kardashian’s incredible ability to totally rock literally any outfit she wears, no matter what it may be. So when it comes to her 1996 prom photo, it should come of no surprise that its pure gold. 

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And right now, since Kim K is stuck at home like the rest of us right now, doing the responsible thing to protect both herself, her family and those around her, she’s also been taking this as the perfect opportunity to go through some old pictures and look back on the good memories.  And rather than being ashamed of her less than perfect pre-teenage look, she decided to go for it and share her prom photo with all of her fans on Instagram, embracing her past and providing some real entertainment for her millions upon millions of followers. Do note, however, that she didn’t post it on her personal account.  She used it as a chance to promote her new perfume collaboration with Kris Jenner, mixing both fun and business, but we’ll take it without complaints. 

Kim had super-thin eyebrows and the epitome of the ‘90s up-do hair that was literally everywhere to be seen back then.  The picture she posted was a Polaroid that was marked 1996, taking us all back to that special time in our lives and making us all relate more than ever to Kim.  It’s also been made evident that Kim and her mother have always shared a special, unbreakable bond. 

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