Kim Kardashian’s SKKN Rebrand
Claire Miles - January 10, 2022

We all know Kim Kardashian, right? So you’ve probably also heard of her brand KKW Beauty, right? If not, you’ve probably been living under a rock. She isn’t the first celeb to launch a beauty brand, and she’s definitely not the last. Other celebs like Hailey Beiber, Harry Styles, and Machine Gun Kelly have all come out with their own brands. But one of the most talked-about A-list launches as of lately is one by Kim Kardashian. Yes, KKW already is up and running and very popular. But she is giving her beauty line a makeover. She will have new products, new packaging, and a brand new name, SKKN.

Getty Images/Getty Images Entertainment/Dimitrios Kambouris

Kim K rebranding to SKKN falls in line with her recent divorce from Kanye West. KKW referred to the initials of her married name, so she is changing the game now with a new beauty concept. Right now, KKW is on hold. The brand’s Instagram account informed their followers back in August, “We’re currently away working on a new, more modern, elevated and sustainable brand and customer experience – the way Kim has always envisioned.” We can imagine that SKKN will launch very similar to KKW with skincare, haircare, nail care, supplements, skin and hair tools, and home products. Kim clearly is not leaving any avenue out and keeping her many loyal fans on their toes.

We still don’t know exactly what the name SKKN stands for, but we’re sure this will be revealed very soon. In the meantime, there has already been some drama surrounding the name. Cyndie Lunsford is the owner of New York spa and beauty centre SKKN+ and she has already taken legal action against the beauty mogul. She has issued a cease and desist letter which we don’t yet know the outcome of, but the problem as of now is still unresolved. We will have to wait to see what happens. Regardless is she uses this brand name or not, we are still excited for what’s to come. Kim addressed her fans on Instagram when she shut down the KKW Beauty site and said, “I’m excited to continue to develop and expand my product range and for you to finally be able to experience it the way that I have always envisioned.”

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