Kirstie Alley Still Loves John Travolta
Marc Gordon - August 30, 2018

Over the years there’s been no shortage of celebrity couples. But one of the most memorable and beloved of the 90s was surely Kirstie Alley and John Travolta, who starred together in the Look Who’s Talking trilogy.  In fact, both of them have admitted that their attraction towards each other was more than just an act.

Kirstie is currently taking part in Celebrity Big Brother U.K, sharing a house with a bunch of other stars. While there, she recounted her past romances…

She revealed that while she didn’t cheat on her husband, Parker Stevenson, she did think about it twice.  Kirstie met John for the first time while filming Look Who’s Talking, and the two had an undeniable chemistry that made Kirstie sort of wish that she wasn’t married at the time.

She even admits that she almost ran off (especially since he has a private jet) and married him, that she loved him, and still does.

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