Kool Aid Makes A Come Back
Claire Miles - February 3, 2020

While it’s only a rumor at the moment, we’re still getting seriously excited.  Listen up 90’s kids – we heard somewhere from a little birdie in a tree (a foodie Instagrammer) that Kool-Aid may be bringing back not one, but two classic products that will have every kid absolutely overloaded with nostalgia. 

They are apparently/ hopefully bringing the Purplesaurus Rex and Rock-A-Dile Red flavors this 2020. Nothing has been confirmed just yet, but if it is really happening – then you surely won’t want to miss out on these retro boxes of pure sugary goodness. 

According to the Instagrammer, each box will contain 10 pouches of the drink, allowing you to share with your friends (if you’re nice enough to share this special treat, of course – we surely wouldn’t!).  They are also reported to (somehow) have less sugar than other popular sodas, and even contain vitamin C. 

Stay tuned folks…..

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