Kourtney & Kim Never Had Awkward Phases
Laura Lee - September 3, 2018

Although it’s not yet Throwback Thursday, Kourtney Kardashian is already ready, and has been posting throwback photos.

The 23 year old posted an adorable photo of herself and her sister Kim, and they proved that they’ve been beautiful and fabulous since day once (or at least since 1995).  They never had an awkward phase like the rest of us, and were totally in awe.

In the photo, 16 year old Kourtney and 15 year old Kim are seen with huge grins and look pretty much the same as they do know, which truth be told, most of us can’t honestly attest to.

Despite the fact that we’re kind of jealous of them, it’s a heartfelt image that represents the time before all the drama and fame entered their lives….

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