Krispy Kreme’s New Chips Ahoy & Nutter Butter Cookie Doughnuts
Andrew Parker - May 12, 2018

As if Krispy Kreme doughnuts were not sweet and delicious enough, there’s now two new cookie flavored doughnut varieties, and your taste buds are in for a serious treat.  They made their grand debut in America in April and are two flavors that were completely nostalgia inspired, Nutter Butter Cookie Twist Doughnut and the Chips Ahoy!  These two iconic limited edition flavors will make anyone’s day in just a bite.

These two new flavors will be joining some other beloved cookie inspired flavors, including the Kreme and the Oreo Cookies doughnut.  Krispy Kreme is best known for it’s original and fun doughnut creations, but these two might very well be the best two yet.

Let’s talk about the Chips Ahoy! doughnut. Have you ever even dreamed about a doughnut and cookie mixed together? We haven’t either, but this can now be a reality. The doughnut is pumped with a special Kreme cookie dough and is then covered in dark chocolate, and then of course with pieces of the yummy Chips Ahoy! pieces.  A mini Chips Ahoy! chocolate chip cookie is then placed on top of the doughnut for an out-of-this-world experience.

Then there’s the Nutter Butter Cookie Twist doughnut which is basically taking a walk down memory lane.  This doughnut begins as an Original Glazed Twist doughnut that melts in your mouth instantaneously.  But it gets better. It’s dipped in an peanut butter icing and topped off with peices of Nutter Butter cookies, and then with an additional layer of peanut butter icing.

Hungry yet?

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