Kylie Jenners New Nostalgic Do
Claire Miles - May 17, 2020

Although most of us have already accepted the unfortunate fate of our hair right now, Kylie Jenner, of course, hasn’t and is somehow still gracing us all with her fresh new looks while we’re all suffering from faded dye jobs, split ends and seriously mismatched roots. But apparently, that’s just the way the cookie crumbles, and at least we can enjoy the nostalgia that she’s offering us right now in her impressive do.  Kylie Jenner’s newest look including chunky honey blonde highlights over her light brown hair, and a super long ponytail is a total throwback to the good old days of the 1990s. 

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Kylie showed off her new look that we would all die for right now for the first time at the end of April on her Instagram account, and in a second post, she even shared a video of herself carrying her daughter Stormi around their mansion, allowing her fans to get the full view from all angles of her do (as well as get even more jealous). And while the video got an impressive 28 million likes, apparently some of her fans didn’t exactly appreciate the new look, with some people commenting that the coloring could have used some more blending. 

But regardless of how some felt about Jenner’s hair, there’s no doubt that the trend is back in town, but this time around, with a slightly more modern makeover in that they are more blended than they once were (i.e Cher from Clueless) and are usually broken down into smaller streaks.  Either way, if you’re looking to change up your look (after the lockdown, of course) then Jenner surely doesn’t fail to inspire, as per usual. And either way, we sure hope that her new do provides you with all the nostalgia you need right now. 

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