Lady Gaga Is Releasing Chromatica Oreos!
Laura Lee - December 5, 2020


By Greta Zwaan

I sought for joy in peace, and rest to ease my weary mind,
Stressed out by such a heavy load, rest I just had to find.
My endurance could hold no more, my limits had been met,
I needed time to stand aside, sweet time to just forget.

But where to find the road to peace, an obscure trait to me;
My hectic lifestyle can't comprehend a way to set time free.
I've always rushed from A to B with no side glace allowed,
I had my life so well controlled; in truth, I felt quite proud.

No one could tell me what to do, I was a self-made man;
My schedules were controlled by me, I had a thorough plan.
'Twas good when all things went my way and no one interfered;
I had no one to answer to, my way was always cleared.

But years of this brought me no joy, though fortunes I'd amassed;
It seemed that all the things I owned would oh, so soon be past.
I had no friends that knew my plight, I kept myself at bay,
They all had troubles of their own; besides, what could they say?

They envied me with all my wealth, they never saw my pain,
I had life altogether, what more was there to gain?
But loneliness is terrible and emptiness is sad,
There seems no purpose for each day, no reason to be glad.

So now I wait; why? I don't know, but life for me must change.
There must be more than fortunes, a way to rearrange.
There has to be a purpose, and someone surely knows,
Why life is complicated, and days so full of woes.

Perhaps you have the answer, perhaps you know the route,
Perhaps you've traveled here before; if so, please help me out.
If need be, I'll be patient, I'll even take advice;
I'll gladly make the changes, no matter what the price.

I don't need independence, I've had my round of that;
I long for understanding, to know just where I'm at.
Someday I hope to thank you because you saw my need,
Perhaps with greater meaning, with purpose, not with greed.

I don't know how I got here, what lies ahead of me,
I'm grateful there'll be changes, I'm grateful to be free.

Without a doubt, there are two things we can all agree that we love: Oreo’s and Lady Gaga. And what better way to celebrate both of our favorite things than the exciting news that the singer teamed up with Oreo’s to create her own twist on the classic cookies inspired by her sixth studio album, Chromatica. This album also was nominated twice for a Grammy award. The classic cookie has gotten an eye-catching makeover featuring a golden Oreo dyed bright pink, decorated with different Chromatica-themed designs, and filled with green cream. Uhm, yes! We’re so here for this. So you might be wondering if the taste is as different as the new makeover, but there is no word yet on whether the taste is similar to the classic. But some fans are wondering if the taste will resemble that of sour candy as a nod to her hit song with Blackpink.

In a statement about the project, Lady Gaga said, “This collab is inspired by the world of Chromatica, where kindness rules all things . . . I hope they brighten your day as much as they do mine.” So far, there’s no release date for the full-size, metallic-pink pack Lady Gaga designed Oreo. But an Oreo representative did reveal that small six-cookie packs will begin rolling out to convenience stores in January for a limited time. So, who’s ready to devour an entire sleeve while jamming to “Stupid Love” on repeat? Uhm, yes, same.

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It’s been a big year for Oreo which has blessed us all with eight new flavors. We’ve been introduced to a handful of new Oreo flavors this past year, including caramel coconut, chocolate marshmallow, tiramisu, glittery Trolls, dark chocolate fudge, dark chocolate oreo thins, Easter Egg, and most recently, gingerbread!