Laptop Bags vs Laptop Sleeves
Claire Miles - February 7, 2023

We don’t think the two can be compared so easily because both might serve the same purpose but they have different storage spaces and styles as well. If you want to look stylish for work, you can look the same if you carry a laptop bag or laptop sleeve. Laptop bags are shoulder bags that you can fit in your laptop, other tech items, and miscellaneous items as well. Whereas, a laptop sleeve has to be carried in your hands or you can try fitting it in your handbag if you have ample space. Different brands have started to sell the two so you don’t have to worry about basic designs or styles as there is ample variety now.

Getty Images/Moment/Jon Vallejo

If you are the sort of person that has to carry ample items for example laptop, chargers, headphones, notebook, stationery, etc, then a laptop bag is the perfect solution for you. It might be a hassle for you to carry your laptop bag and your bag as well but if the two aren’t heavy, then you can manage easily. On the other hand, if you are a minimalist and just need to carry your laptop and its charger, then a laptop sleeve is the perfect solution for you. You don’t need to carry the laptop sleeve in your hands as well, you can just carry it in your handbag if you have ample space. So our main point or advice is that this is not an either and or situation. Both items might serve the same purpose but their content is significantly different. Moreover, people usually use laptop bags for work and laptop sleeves for school or university because they are already carrying bags so it’s easy for them to carry the laptop sleeve.

You can look stylish with both pieces. You need to know what you give more priority to; is it a minimalist vibe or always having everything with you? Brands have made it easy for us by selling these pieces in different patterns and designs so we can always find something that suits our aesthetic.

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