Legally Blonde 3 Is Happening
Claire Miles - June 11, 2018

We can’t believe the news!  Elle Woods is making a serious comeback into our lives. Legally Blonde is coming out with a third film, and we are overjoyed.  The last time we saw Elle with her buddy Bruiser was an entire 15 years ago, believe it or not.

Although 15 years is a rather long time for a dog, we sure hope that he’ll be starring the new movie with Elle.  The first Legally Blonde film was released in 2001, and literally changed the definition of chick flick for us all.  People always thought that female directed movies were always about a romance, about a woman wanting to be with a man.  Legally Blonde however, changed everything.

Of course she does go to law school in order to chase a man down, but it does not take her very long to realize that she’s worth so much more that, and changes the entire plot of the movie. Elle becomes this inspiring and powerful woman who has no fear of standing up for herself.  And what’s best about all of this? She does it in pink.

In the second movie, she tries to have animal testing banned, and manages to make it to the top by her tough determination and perseverance.  Although in both films there is somewhat a love aspect, it’s not the main focus of the movie.

It’s probably safe to say that the 3rd movie will most likely be about an empowering adventure in the life of Elle Wood’s, and that there will be no shortage of pink.

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