Live In The 10 Things I Hate About You House
Claire Miles - February 11, 2018

In the Morning of Life

by Thomas Moore

In the morning of life, when its cares are unknown,
And its pleasures in all their new lustre begin,
When we live in a bright-beaming world of our own,
And the light that surrounds us is all from within;
Oh 'tis not, believe me, in that happy time
We can love, as in hours of less transport we may; —
Of our smiles, of our hopes, 'tis the gay sunny prime,
But affection is truest when these fade away.

When we see the first glory of youth pass us by,
Like a leaf on the stream that will never return,
When our cup, which had sparkled with pleasure so high,
First tastes of the other, the dark-flowing urn;
Then, then in the time when affection holds sway
With a depth and a tenderness joy never knew;
Love, nursed among pleasures, is faithless as they,
But the love born of Sorrow, like Sorrow, is true.

In climes full of sunshine, though splendid the flowers,
Their sighs have no freshness, their odour no worth;
\‘Tis the cloud and the mist of our own Isle of showers
That call the rich spirit of fragrancy forth.
So it is not \‘mid splendour, prosperity, mirth,
That the depth of Love's generous spirit appears;
To the sunshine of smiles it may first owe its birth,
But the soul of its sweetness is drawn out by tears.

We were all completely obsessed with this epic movie. We loved Bianca’s sundresses and Kat Stratford’s rebel style.  Part of the reason that the Statford sister’s were so iconic was without a doubt their house.  There were so many memorable moments in the movie that occurred in that very home.  We’ve tried sitting on the porch, drinking a coffee and reading a book, but somehow it never turned out to be as comfortable as it did for Kat.


Maybe she was just incredibly graceful, or maybe the porch was just better. Well know, we have the chance to find out.  The actual house that was used to film 10 Things I Hate About You is up for sale. Your dream can be made into reality.   For a hefty price, of course.  The house is priced on the market for $1.6 million, but you’ll surely understand why if you’ve seen the house.


More so, how can we really put a price on our favorite movie? It’s worthy every penny. The house is located in Tacoma, Washington and the film was actually filmed inside this very house, unlike the homes from other famous movies.


Sure, we can’t actually afford this gigantic house, but at least we can take a peek inside and see all the sets from our favorite movie! It’s crazy how much everything looks the same. Even if you can’t actually afford this mansion, at least take a peek inside. It’s crazy how everything is exactly like the movie.