Lizzo Chanted Beyoncé’s Name Before Winning a Grammy
Laura Lee - February 2, 2020

Happiest Days

By Edward H. Donnelly

I said to the little children,
"You are living your happiest days,"
And their bright eyes opened wider In innocent amaze.
For their happiness was so perfect,
They did not know it then;
"Oh, no," they said, "there'll be happier days
When we are women and men."

I said to the youth and maiden,
"You are living your happiest days,"
And into their sparkling eyes there crept
A dreamy, far-off gaze;
And their hands sought one another,
And their cheeks flushed rosy red;
" Oh, no," they said, " there'll be happier days
For us when we are wed."

I said to the man and woman,
"You are living your happiest days,"
As they laughingly watched together
Their baby's cunning ways.
"These days are days of labor.
They can hardly be our best;
There'll be happier days when the children are grown,
And we have earned our rest."

I said to the aged couple,
"You are living your happiest days,"
Your children do you honor,
You have won success and praise.
" With a peaceful look they answered,
"God is good to us, that's true: But we think there are happier days for us
In the life we're going to."

There was a lot that went down during the Grammy Awards so it’s understandable if you missed one of the purest moments ever broadcasted at an award show. This year, Lizzo was nominated for a ton of Grammy awards, including Best Pop Solo Performance. The artist was running against some tough competition like Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish, and Beyoncé. And as the cameras panned over faces of each artist waiting for the winner to be announced, Lizzo was seen chanting Beyoncé’s name. When her own name was announced, she was genuinely shocked.

Lizzo took the time during her acceptance speech to make an incredibly impactful Grammy moment. “Thank you to the Academy first of all, this is really f*cking sick, unexpected, really cool,” she started. “I just wanna say this whole week…I be lost in my problems, stressed out and then in an instant, all of that can go away and your priorities really shift and today, all of my little problems that I thought were big as the world are gone and I realize that there’s people hurting right now.”

A literal queen!