Lizzo Gets Real On Social Media
Laura Lee - April 29, 2020

Unless you’re an essential worker, pretty much everyone right now needs to stay home. And although (most of us) are fortunate enough to be able to keep ourselves safe (and others) from the comfort and luxury of our own homes, it can still be difficult and come with some complications beyond our control. Even the beloved successful singer Lizzo has shared that this time has been a struggle for, and especially so when it comes to her mental health. More specifically, for her body image, which is something that she’s been working very hard to deal with in recent years. Apparently, stars aren’t that different from us after all. 


Lizzo got real on social media, sharing a post on her Instagram account in which she encouraged her many fans to focus on loving themselves by choosing a part of their bodies that they feel insecure about. And she didn’t request it from others, but she even decided to take part in her challenge as well, inspiring others to not be afraid to do the same. Lizzo shared a video of her beautiful self and figure in lingerie, telling her followers to show the body part they don’t like and show it some love right now.

Lizzo also took this as an opportunity to spread some awareness about the fact that the current situation is causing some people to experience difficulties right now when it comes to mental health, with herself included.  The fact that we can’t go outside and carry on with our regular routines in terms of self-care and overall coping. Ever since Lizzo claimed her fame in the music world, she’s brought nothing other than pure positivity to her fans.  Not only has she empowered us all with her words of wisdom and encouragement throughout social media, but she’s even donated meals to healthcare workers. Thanks, Lizzo. We love you and your music so much!

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