Lori Harvey Is Coming Out With Her Own Skin Care
Laura Lee - October 21, 2021

It seems that more and more celebrities are dipping their toes in the skincare industry, and the latest celeb to venture into the beauty world is none other than Lori Harvey. Launching a skincare brand or any sort of beauty brand for that matter is the power move for celebrities in the 2020s. Now, it’s Lori Harvey’s turn to step into the spotlight with her new brand, SKN by LH. SKN is set to launch on October 22nd, and we are beyond excited. If our skin could look half as flawless as Harvey’s, you know we are going to try it. We’re skincare obsessed, so we obviously had to do some digging and get as much information as we could.

Getty Images/Getty Images Entertainment/Jamie McCarthy

Up until now, Lori Harvey is best known as the daughter of Steve Harvey and Marjorie Harvey, and girlfriend of actor Michael B. Jordan. She has fame, she’s beautiful, and she has a strong presence on social media, and she decided to hone in all of these things together and create a business venture. In an interview with Allure, Harvey explains, “[Skin care has] always been something that’s been very near and dear [to me]. It’s been something I’ve been obsessed with since I was a little girl.” Harvey explained that her true interest in skincare began when she started modeling. She said, “I have very sensitive skin, and I really struggled with [it] as a teenager. Once I got into modeling, I was having really, really bad breakouts because of all the makeup being applied to my face.”

She was using so many products on her face, she finally decided that she would create her own collection to simplify her routine. Harvey brought together a team of dermatologists and cosmetic chemists to help her on her skincare journey and she was adamant about being involved throughout the whole process of her growing brand. SKN by LH keeps every skin type in mind and will offer five products, including the Goji Berry Cleanser, White Tea Toner, Vitamin C Serum, Eye Complex Cream, and Niacinimide Cream. Harvey said, “I’ve been at this for a while now, it’s is a lot of hard work. I’m 100 percent hands-on with every aspect of my business. I not only had to learn about formulas but also how to structure a business, the financial side of it. [I also had to learn about] designing packaging, shipping — every little detail that goes into building a brand. I’m still learning more and more every day, but it’s so fulfilling.” Her drive is inspiring, and we will definitely be snagging these products!

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