Lucky Charms Nostalgia Filled Cocktail
Andrew Parker - May 16, 2018

Weekend morning were basically invented so we could a enjoy a few bowls of our favorite sugary cereal, followed by a few hours of cartoons.  You can now relive your magical childhood experiences (and taste buds) with this unbeatable Lucky Charms cocktail, filled with nostalgia in every sip (and marshmallows).

The genius behind this creation is Cody Goldstein, of Muddling Memories.  He’s named the cocktail the Make New Friends.  It’s a little more complicated than pouring a bowl of cereal, but we promise you won’t be disappointed.  The adult version includes vanilla almond milk, creme de cacao, peppermint, bourbon and Lucky Charms, of course.

Goldstein was inspired by his childhood memories, and it appears as though in today’s day in age, the best way to relive our childhood memories is with a little bit of alcohol.  It’s a drinkable rainbow.

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