Magic Converse That Change Colors 
Claire Miles - August 5, 2019

Remember those epic mood rings we once had back in the day? And what about those shiny and sparkly sequin shirts that you could make designs with by rubbing them around? Either way – it’s safe to say that we can all agree on the fact that fashion was insanely fun in the ‘90s and ‘2000s. Well, you’ll be pleased to hear that it’s coming back! Not these exact trends, but Chinatown Market x has got some seriously cool shoes up their sleeve… 


They’ve got an epic sneaker collaboration with Converse to bring back the fun in fashion, and make you feel like you’ve got two pairs in one – making for both a nifty and thrifty buy. So what are these magic shoes al about? Well – believe it or not, they actually change colors when exposed to sunlight! Whhhhat?!


Yep. You got that right! There are two versions – the Chuck 70 Ox and the Converse Chuck 70 to serve all styles.  Without being exposed to the sun, these shoes look just like white converse. But when the sun hits? They look completely different – with the colors divided into four sections, with grape purple, citrus orange, a deep magenta and bright blue.  That’s just the high-tops though.


The low tops are also white to start out with, but under the sun, they turn into a crazy version of those classic and nostalgic bowling shoes. 


Much cooler than any mood ring we’ve ever had. 


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