Maisie Williams Just Got A Mullet
Marc Gordon - September 28, 2020

Happiness Is Fun

By Pauline Oliver

Happy is as happy does
When all is said and done
Truly being happy
Starts with having fun

Set those happiness endorphins free
To flood your stressed out brain
With lots of happy thoughts
To relax and ease the strain
Eat chocolate
And laugh-a-lot

Chew chilis hot and red
Wear bright colours instead

Keep a dog or a cat
Try yoga on a mat

Feel sunshine warm your being
Seek beauty for the seeing

Classical music wins by miles
Exchanging lots of smiles

That's how to raise your spirit
Lift your body and your mind
This daily dose of happiness
Is a pleasure - you will find.

It has been quite a wild ride of a year! From the coronavirus pandemic to the excitement in Hollywood with all the celebrity pregnancies, there is a lot going on. To get through these crazy times, we need to be brave, courageous, and strong! Maybe that is why ever since last year the mullet has been making a steady comeback. The hairstyle isn’t a trend anyone saw coming back (like, ever) but, hey, it’s 2020 and anything is possible! On Monday, theĀ Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams visited London-based hair salon Bleach London for a dramatic cut and color. The star left with a dark blond mullet. Honestly, if anyone could pull off the look, it’s Maisie Williams. To give us a look at the fresh cut and color, Bleach London posted two photos of Williams’s new style on Instagram captioned, “Mullet for My Valentine, Colour and cut for @maisie_williams by @freddie.yeah,” which Williams replied saying, “dreams rly do come true.” Yes, girl!

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Williams’s modern mullet just reaches her shoulders with a lot of choppy layers throughout the middle lengths and ends. Of course, the mullet needs epic bangs! Her bangs are parted in the middle and have choppy layers to give it an edgy feel we love. As for the color, Williams chose a sandy blond shade with dark brunette roots to compliment her new cut. Other celebrities have been rocking the modern mullet as well. Miley Cyrus and Barbie Ferreira are rocking the look. The mullet practically runs in the Cyrus family since her dad, Billy Ray, made the look famous during his “Achy Breaky Heart” days. Nine Zero One salon cofounder Riawna Capri dubbed this haircut a “chill mullet” or “the chillet” for its laid-back look. “It’s a more modified and more fashion-forward version of the mullet,” she explained. “This haircut is for someone who is confident, who steps outside the box, and whose style is on the edgier side,” Capri noted. That pretty much sounds like an on-point definition of Miley Cyrus, doesn’t it?