Mall Madness Returns
Alexandra Wade - February 29, 2020

For all Mall Madness lovers that spent pretty much their entire childhood moving miniature plastic people around a miniature plastic mall, well then this update is probably going to have you going absolutely crazy… 

Hasbro is about to bring back the nostalgic Mall Madness board game – and we can hear every ’90s girl screaming from over here!

It first came out in 1988 and was given a few makeovers over the years, with special edition versions including Littlest Pet Shop and Hannah Montana too, which you likely recall if you were a real fan. 

But for the past 15 years, for over a decade, the game has been discontinued. And now, thankfully, we’re about to be given back what was harshly taken away from us. The all new version is almost exactly the same as the original, despite all the updates that the game has gone through. T

According to sources, the core concepts of the game remain – so there’s no need to stress! You’ll be given your proper dose of ’90s nostalgia, as you deserve. 

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