Mandy Moore Teased A Return To Music
Alexandra Wade - July 28, 2018

Mandy Moore has recently released news that will make every ’90s kids life a whole lot better. She’s teased us all, making us believe that there’s a possibility to return to music.

On Friday, July 14th the singer and actor posted a video on Instagram that is exactly what we’ve always dreamed of hearing.  It’s unclear whose in the video with her, but we see some epic recording equipment and even can hear some of the music she’s secretly working on.

Her caption also says it all, saying how much she misses it and is ready to get back into it.  If she actually does end up releasing a new album, it would the first one in nearly a decade.  Maybe a lucky number seven is on the way (she’s already got six albums).

She tagged Mike Viola in the post, who is best known for his work with Ryan Adams, Jenny Lewis and Fall Out Boy.

Make sure to follow her to see if their will be any new and exciting updates about what’s to come!

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