Mandy Moore Throws It Back
Laura Lee - May 14, 2020

Mandy Moore has recently taken a nostalgic walk down memory lane back to one of her very first tours, and it will surely take you all on a trip back in time too.  Due to the current situation, however, this walk was obviously more of a figurative, virtual one. The beloved Candy singer shared some epic throwback pictures together with the Backstreet Boys during a special appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live when she had really just begun her career as a pop star.  She toured together with the dreamy bond band on their 1999 Millennium tour and had found the gems that she shared on the show after doing some closest cleanup while stuck at home these days. 


In her live appearance, she shared some exciting and personal details of her seriously memorable experience, such as obtaining the hospitality badge, as well as getting a meal pass for the very first time while on tour.  She admits however that the best part of it all was without a doubt the chance to snap a Polaroid picture with the Backstreet Boys (we don’t blame her!). Not only did Moore share her memorabilia for her experience, but she also discussed the fact that at the start of her career, someone wrote a book about her life without knowing her, without letting her know, and without claiming authorship to it. She also shared a unique fact that was written in this book about her – that she’s proud of her big feet, which she argued was not accurate. 

After the episode, Mandy shared even more secrets from the book on her Instagram account, such as some of her beauty tips on how to protect her stick-straight hair from getting damaged in the heat. And while the tips that were written in the book might not be so accurate today, especially since her look has changed drastically (mainly less glittery), we can still all enjoy a look back into the ‘90s, with partially some regret, but with some deep appreciation too, of course. 

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