Mariah Carey Puts Her ‘500 hours of Beauty School’ to Use
Claire Miles - April 8, 2020

Everyone’s favorite pop star diva, Mariah Carey, has been in the spotlight for 30 something years now and, along the way, she’s taught us a thing or two. From singing the wigs off of everyone in a room to being the queen of beauty treatments, Mariah Carey is constantly serving up some sort of new epicness. Now, we’re not so sure if you knew this about her, but Carey is a beauty school dropout! (Cue the ‘Beauty School Dropout’ song from Grease.) It’s true! Apparently, Mariah Carey has stated to various news outlets such as People and Billboard that she started beauty school but dropped out after a year. Why you may ask? The answer is totally Mariah! According to The Cut, Mariah “had to wear a smock and everything. Hideous shoes. It was funny.” Gasp! Not the smock! We totally get it now.

Just like her fellow celebrities, Mariah Carey is social distancing staying at home, spending time with her daughters, revisiting favorite hobbies, and dabbling with makeup. Carey uploaded a video clip to Twitter of her and her eight-year-old daughter Monroe. The singer did Monroe’s hair and captioned the cute clip, “Passing time in quarantine… My 500 hours of beauty school came in handy!” In the clip, Carey is wearing a black face mask and a floral kimono robe because duh, it’s Mariah Carey. She’s brushing what looks like a pink wig on Monroe’s head as she sits in a salon chair and scrolls through her phone. The five-time Grammy winner sings along to her song “Migrate” playing on speakers in the background. Just, you know, casual. Carey asked her daughter, “Roe Roe, do you like it?” To which Monroe sweetly replied, “Yep!”

Mariah Carey also has an 8 1/2-year-old son, Monroe’s twin brother, Moroccan. Carey celebrated her 50th birthday surrounded by her children last month. She shared a few family photos taken from the small gathering to mark her big milestone celebration. The singer has mentioned, according to People magazine, that Mariah Carey celebrates life anniversaries, not birthdays. She said in a 2014 interview with Observer, “I don’t count years…I have anniversaries, not birthdays, because I celebrate life, darling.” Classic Mariah Carey. In one photo, Carey posed with two cakes, one that read, “Happy anniversary Mariah.” And what better way to celebrate her 50th birthday by recording a new song? The songstress has been keeping busy at home recording at her home studio.

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