Mary Poppins: The Sequel
Laura Lee - July 22, 2018

Sometimes sequels and reboots get criticized,  however many fans are overjoyed about the new Mary Poppins soon to be released.  It’s been in the process for a while now, and an entire 54 years have passed since the original came out.

Disney’s original plan was to have the sequel released by Christmas 2018, however they have recently announced that it will be coming out an entire week earlier (December 19th, 2018).  This way we won’t have to leave our families on Christmas to go see the premiere.

The movie sounds and looks amazing, especially since Emily Blunt will be playing Mary Poppins. No one will ever be as legendary as Julie Andrews, but we’re sure she still will great.

Lin-Mannuel Miranda will be playing the role of Jack, a lamplighter. His career has truly grown in the past few years with Hamilton and his Oscar nomination.  But wait, it gets even better. Meryl Streep will also be starring in the new movie, as Mary’s cousin, Topsy Turvy Poppins.  Angela Landsbury will be the Balloon Lady,  and Colin Furth will be the president of Fidelity Fiduciary Bank.
Based on the trailer, the movie looks spectacular.

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