Meanwhile Over In India
Andrew Parker - July 13, 2019

Regardless of how much you may appreciate your clean and organized modern society, especially when it comes to the roads, nothing quite compares to what goes on in India every day. Whether or not you’ve been fortunate enough to see it for yourself, you’ve surely heard that it’s an unforgettable experience. Here are some hilarious photos that will take you on a ride through this incredible country in ways you never before dreamed of.


Bro Time



These four brothers (or good friends, in India it tends to be referred to as a brother regardless), are just casually riding around on their motorcycle together, enjoying the nice weather on their day off. There’s nothing too strange going on here, other than perhaps the fact that they are so many people on one motorcycle which could be dangerous, but that doesn’t seem to phase anyone in India. And the Monkey? Well, he’s one of them too. Keep calm and carry on people.


 Rules & Regulations



While in a sense India seems to be very laidback without too many rules imposed on their citizens, when it comes to certain matters, they do take a stance and set some rules and regulations. An important issue for them seems to be not eating the carpet at the airport. Perhaps with so many delayed flights people start to get really hungry, or perhaps this is just a terrible translation that turned into a hilarious fail. Let’s hope for the latter.


Brave Bricks



All we can really say upon looking at this picture is – only in India. Because in actual fact, where else in the world would we ever see such a thing? Nowhere, that’s for sure. Perhaps such actions are a combination of strength and bravery, combined with the fact that in many cases, people have no other options when it comes to transporting heavy objects.  The only difference between the rest of us though and those in India? We would just give up before even trying to carry a massive pile of bricks on a bike.


Bus-ting A Move



In India, it’s quite rare to find a bus, with most people going around on foot or by bike.  So when you come across a bus and it’s decorated like this one with traditional women in festive dance position, what other choice do you have but to join in and bust a move? It’s time to celebrate! Let’s just hope that this bus driver doesn’t start moving while this guys head is stuck inside the bus.  If he did though? We wouldn’t be surprised – it’s India.


Transportation Troubles



India is well known for its transportation troubles, with no traffic control, people, bikes, and all kinds of animals crossing without any kind of regulations or rules. Most people don’t have their own car as it comes at a hefty price that simply isn’t realistic for the general population in India. So even when you’re heading to the airport or for a weekend getaway, your suitcase is just going to have to go with you on the motorcycle.  Hold on tight!


Chilling Creativity



In India, not everyone is fortunate enough to have their very own fridge. We may take it for granted in the Western world, but in fact, it’s quite the luxury in some places in the world. Those in India, however, are not willing to let this stop them from enjoying life to the fullest. So what do you do when you’re craving an ice-cold Coca-Cola? With a little bit of creativity and ingenuity, and of course an air-conditioner, it can be made possible.


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