Mermaid Tea
Marc Gordon - May 14, 2018

Since we are living in the age of Instagram,  the most colorful foods are the best ones, regardless of what it may be.  And color-changing Mermaid Tea is the next big thing.  It’s a complete dream true for the social media lover as it changes due when lemon is added. It’s incredibly beautiful, and is without a doubt the most Instagrammable tea ever. 

The tea is manufactured by Firebox, a company that’s got another unique items such as Spreadable Gin and Spreadable Coffee. The tea sells for $20 a box and is a combination of lemongrass and butterfly blue pea flowers. When first brewed, it comes out as ocean blue. When lemon is added, it magically becomes vibrant pink.  It’s got a total cotton candy vibe going on.

Even the box is gorgeous, which was designed by Alicica Rihko, the illustrator of many popular magazines.  This new addition will certainly be your cup of tea.

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