Michael Jackson’s Top Hits
Claire Miles - February 16, 2023

Despite some of the controversial opinions about Michael Jackson, a lot of people agree that the pop star created some of the world’s best music and knew how to make someone groove. Unfortunately, he died almost a decade ago but that does not mean that his music has died. It still lives on in the hearts of many fans who buy his tracks to this day.

An actor playing US singer Michael Jackson performs during a preview of "Thriller Live" before a press conference ahead of the opening of the Sands new mega resort The Parisian in Macau, on September 13, 2016. Casino giant Las Vegas Sands launches Macau's latest resort Tuesday, outfitted with a half-size replica of the Eiffel Tower, as it bets its fortunes on mass market tourists flocking to the gambling enclave


Beginning with one of his most famous songs, ‘dangerous’, where he gave hats a new meaning. Hats had never been used in that cool yet sophisticated way until he showed that you could make a hat a great part of the dance. It also held the famous moonwalk. In this step, it would appear as though Michael Jackson was taking a step forward but his body would be moving backward. This step became the trend of the time and almost everyone had at some point attempted to eat the step.

Next up on the list would be the song Smooth Criminal. Not only did the song show an entire story that could just as easily have been an entire movie, but it hosted another one of the most famous dance steps of Michael Jackson: The lean. This is where he would stand on his feet and lean forward to an unimaginable low. It was later revealed that this step used some special equipment to make it possible, but some talented fans managed to copy this step even without the equipment. The list would be incomplete without another one of his most fabulous hits, Thriller. The song also shows one of the scariest stories that a song can express. It attempts to artistically mix horror into music which is not a very common combination. Michael Jackson inspired many musicians in his day and his music is still famous in many parts of the world.

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