Mickey Mouse Doughnuts
Marc Gordon - July 19, 2018

Just when we thought that Disney World couldn’t possibly be any more magical, they’ve once again exceed all expectations.  The magical Disney kingdom is best known as a land of fun and food, and now they’ve introduced Mickey Mouse doughnuts, and it’s making us all more than ready to head down to Disney World.

These doughnuts have actually been around for awhile already at Disney Land in California, however Disney World, in Florida is catching up too.  They are soft, doughy, fried, and shaped just like the iconic Mickey Mouse.  They’re also topped off with tons of powered sugar if everything else wasn’t enough.

For those who are looking for a serious indulgence, they’ve also got Mickey sundaes, ice cream together with the three Mickey doughnuts, sauce and whipped cream.

Heaven is a place on earth and it’s here.

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