‘Mighty Ducks’ Star Arrested
Andrew Parker - December 13, 2018

Shaun Weiss, the former ‘Mighty Ducks’ child star was arrested back in August.  His police mugshot showed a completely unrecognizable man who looked rather ill. Weiss believed that he had rock bottom, and hoped to make a strong come back…

After the arrest, Weiss revealed on Facebook that he was in fact in danger in a heartbreaking post about his drug addiction, and about how he feels as though the incredible support and love from fans has renewed his spirit.

However, it seems as though his attempts to improve his life have not been going so well. Apparently, Weiss was arrested once again in November for shoplifting from A Rite Aid in Los Angeles.  He is reported to have arrested previously for public intoxication, and now he faces a theft charge.

Hopefully Weiss manages to get himself back on track and stop this destructive path while he’s at it, and that the strength and laughter that the Mighty Ducks gave to others during tough times, can be found by Weiss too….

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