Motorola Is Bringing Back The Flip Phone
Claire Miles - February 4, 2019

Guys, you’re going to flip out over this news. Motorola has hopped on the throwback wagon and we are so here for it. Motorola is reportedly re-releasing its RAZR flip phone. Remember those ancient relics from the early 2000’s that made you feel super cool? For 90’s kids, the flip phone was your first phone ever. Your first Motorola will always holds a special place in your heart.

Motorola gave the old classic a modern update. It’s a smartphone with a full touch screen while still paying homage to the retro 2000’s flip phone we all love. They are even going as far as launching it as a luxury phone. So luxurious it has a price tag of $1,500. But who can put a price on a true classic?

Motorola has announced the slated launch date to be some time this year. We’ll be sitting here waiting.

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